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Energy Efficiently

Big questions. Bigger impact.

Empowered by nature and guided by technology, we give businesses and homeowners the blueprint for sustainable energy solutions.

Guided by technology

By reengineering solar panels and energy storage solutions, we create something that makes your energy generation and storage more efficient — saving you more, for less.

Empowered by nature

We give businesses and homeowners the option to reduce their reliance on the public grid by providing energy at a sustainable and cheaper pricing through Ai algorithm and technology.

Working smarter for your business, working harder for our planet.

Local focus, global presence

SusEn is a Singapore-headquartered sustainable energy management company designed to change the way we power, store, and manage energy. Utilising its power electronics technology, which includes proprietary hardware and software, it offers clients the value proposition of sustainable energy solutions at domestic and SME business scale.